Surfboard bags

alaia covers

shortboard cover

fish cover

evolutive cover

longboard cover

Photo: Nagorella

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Urte berri on! Happy New Year from Morocco

Health, happiness and good waves for all of you… 

shortboard cover



mini simmons cover

wetsuit bag

handmade surf bags

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Axi Muniain & Carver skateboards

If you like surfing and skating don’t miss this video! Love it!!

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Axi Muniain surfing the asphalt

Axi Muniain, the big wave surfer from Basque Country and his coach Aitor Francesca “Gallo” having fun with a Carver Skateboard!

For those who do not know Aitor… One year ago he had an accident while he was surfing and lost his sight.  However, as we can see, nothing can stop him!! He is the author of the book Las Olas Contadas

Enjoy this making of! And if anyone is interested in getting a Carver Skateboards or the book, please send an email to

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Working days…

Although we still working on the next opening of the online store, we keep attending many customer orders! So happy!


new fabrics


new collection


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surf culture market

surf culture market

Este fin de semana, 29 y 30 de junio, mercado cultural de surf en la playa de la Zurriola. Películas, mercado, música, exposiciones, cerveza y muy buen ambiente!! De 12 a 02h.

Más información en Surfilmfestibal.

This weekend, 29th and 30th June, surf culture market in San Sebastian, Zurriola beach. Movies, market, music, exhibitions, beer and a great atmosphere! From 12 to 02h.

More info: Surfilmfestibal

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Sew ´n sing presenta su nueva colección en Kutxa Kultur Hiria 2013.  Un festival de calle que tiene como objetivo apoyar a los jóvenes creadores guipuzcoanos a promover sus creaciones en Música, Arte, Moda y Diseño.

Este evento pretende mostrar “cómo se está transformado la ciudad” en un fin de semana de actividades, ocio, mercados y música en directo. No te lo pierdas!! Este fin de semana, 22 y 23 de junio.


Sew ‘n Sing presents the new collection at Kultur Kutxa Hiria 2013. A street festival which aims to support young artists to promote their creations in Music, Art, Fashion and Design.

This event aims to show “how the city is being transformed” in a weekend of activities, entertainment, markets and live music. This weekend, 22 and 23 June.

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